LP Giobbi Solidifies Herself Among House Music Greatness With Debut Album ‘Light Places’

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Leave it to LP Giobbi to leave us both breathless and refreshed all in one fell swoop. One of dance music’s fastest-growing stars has erupted to the forefront in recent years and today she hits a career milestone with the release of her debut album, Light Places, out now via Counter Records.

Singles including “All In A Dream,” “Forever And A Day,” and “Can’t Let You Go” have served as a trail of bread crumbs leading fans to this day for the better part of a year. What lies at the end of that trail is a project that winds, twists, and flows across a piano-laden world of expertly crafted dance music that moves bodies, contorts faces, and frees minds.

It seems fitting to mention this album came together “with a little help from [her] friends.” LP shares in an interview:

“I wrote Light Places on airplanes, in trains and hotel rooms… And then I flew to Paris where DJ Tennis helped me run it all through vintage synths. He has an insane studio in Paris, with at least $150,000 worth of synthesizers… We ran all the album’s MIDI parts through his synths, recorded live drums, layered them over electronic drums, and brought everything into the same sonic realm.”

Pair this with vocal and production support from artists like Sofi Tukker, Little Jet, and Caroline Byrn and you get an album that makes a strong case for our dance music album of the year.

The number one thing you can do to level up your weekend is pushing play on LP Giobbi’s Light Places below. Trust me, you will not regret it. Enjoy!

LP Giobbi – Light Places