LUV HURTS Bring Emotion To House Music On “CAN WE DO BETTER?”

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Benjamin David (aka Mild Minds) and Victor Papkour (one half of Ruby Haunt) teamed up to form LUV HURTS, and made their debut back in May with the release of “U REALLY HURT ME”. Now, they’re following up with their sophomore release “CAN WE DO BETTER?”.

“CAN WE DO BETTER?” is a fever dream of glistening indie house. This track is smooth as butter but also packs a dancefloor punch with elements of stutter house woven throughout as well. The echoing line “can we do better” is entrancing and ties the whole song together.

Speaking on his working with Victor Papkour, Benjamin David states,

“Occasionally we would get together and jam, and one of those days became the song “Dopamine” on my first Mild Minds album. As he started to produce music himself we started bouncing more ideas back and forth, we quickly realized we both loved emotion in dance music and at that moment this project spawned.“

This emotional indie house banger is out now so stream “CAN WE DO BETTER?” below and enjoy!


-Written By: Derek Lavezzo