Mac Miller’s Producer Reveals “2009” Was a Freestyle

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Many Mac Miller fans would agree with the statement that “2009” is one of the most meaningful tracks throughout the late artist’s sizeable discography. That’s why we were blown away when we found out that half of the entire track was in fact freestyled Mac.

This new information was revealed in the latest episode of Spotify’s podcast DISSECT, a show that takes the deepest of dives to analyze the music, lyrics, and meaning of albums (often hip-hop). This current season of DISSECT is focused on Mac Miller’s Swimming, with the latest episode analyzing “2009.”

During the episode that analyzes “2009,” the host mentions a quote from the producer of the track, Eric G:

He just paced around the room for a little bit with the beat playing. Then he did the first whole half of the song in a pitch-black booth with no phone or anything. I don’t even know how he did it, and for it to be so meaningful. I saw him the next day and he played it for all his close friends and everyone said they cried.

One of Mac’s longtime friends and co-manager, Quentin Cuff, confirmed on Twitter that this is all true.

You can check out the clip from DISSECT’s Twitter below.

Mac Miller’s 2009 was…a freestyle 🤯

— Dissect Podcast (@dissectpodcast) December 7, 2021