Denver Artist Manic Focus Stuns With Immaculate Album ‘Never Not Blue’

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Ever since Manic Focus announced his next album, we’ve been eagerly waiting to see what the genre-defying producer cooked up. Out today, Never Not Blue sees the talented electronic artist at his most introspective.

We learn in the voiceover of the opening track “Synchronization” that Manic Focus is diagnosed with with Bipolar 1, which is the central theme of this album. Divided into quarters that reflect the emotions Manic Focus experiences during each phase of a manic episode, the album alternatives between ethereal, bluesy electro tracks like “You Do You” and hard, dub-heavy tracks like “Trouble.” Manic Focus also uses aptly named interludes like “Delirious Mania Loading Sequence” to usher the listener into each mood change. Consistent through it all however, is his signature use of explosive bass, funky synth, and massive horns. Whether a peak or a valley, the listening experience is beautiful.

Here’s what Manic Focus had to say about his newest album:

“This album is very special to me. It will take you on a journey through many of the emotions I experience in a manic episode – from the confidence, through the chaos, to the euphoric states, but ultimately ending on a positive note.”

You can stream Never Not Blue below. Enjoy!

Manic Focus – Never Not Blue