Foreign Family Artist Mild Minds Releases Captivating Single “Haunted”

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If an artist says a song is “one of their favorite tracks they’ve ever written,” our expectations are sky-high. When one of our Foreign Family favorites, Mild Minds, said this about his new single “Haunted,” he really came through.

“Haunted” follows up on his single released earlier this fall, continuing Mild Mind’s mission to explore human emotion through electronic music. Having spent the last year re-teaching himself to properly play piano, the main feature of “Haunted” is the warm synth line. It flutters along an upbeat drumline, while Mild Minds sings about the cycle of life in a chilling and soft falsetto.

The contemplative nature of the track has us falling through a variety of emotions. Mild Minds breaks it down for us:

I think we had all spent a part of 2020…feeling a general sense of darkness looming over whether we’d be losing loved ones, or not…I found myself breaking down all of the shades that might be associated with melancholy; exploring death, loss, rebirth, and the associated beauty….It was such a rush to be feeling the music through touch and finding an ability to speak through it.

You can check out “Haunted” using the link below. Enjoy!

Mild Minds – Haunted