MlrTyme Returns with Genre-Fluid Bass EP ‘Destined For Greatness, Pt. 2’


Denver-based producer MlrTyme has been hard at work as of late. The classically trained musician and producer is part of the growing Timeless Music Collective, has been churning out original music, and has been making waves in the live music circuit. Earlier this year, we featured his Destined For Greatness, Pt. 1 EP and today, he’s returning to the site with his genre-fluid EP Destined For Greatness, Pt. 2.

Denver has become a breeding ground for bass music with artists pushing their sound within downtempo and freeform. MlrTyme’s own productions continually blur lines and Destined For Greatness, Pt. 2 finds him at his most ambitious. Each track on the project is luxuriously rich in texture with varying tempos, melodies, and energy.

There’s an ethereal nature as captured on “Rave Until the Morning” that draws listeners into the swirling bass production. “Same Mind” amps up the energy while incorporating hypnotizing vocals and melodies. The final track on the EP is a VIP edit of his own “Destined For Greatness” which flips the original on its head into a sinister freeform bass closer.

Stream Destined For Greatness, Pt. 2 below. Enjoy!

MlrTyme – Destined For Greatness, Pt. 2