NotLö Continues To Impress With Reality-Bending Bass On ‘Speakeasy EP’

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NotLö is making big moves this year. The Denver based sub surfer has quickly become a repeat offender on TSIS, with her single, “Abysmal.” even getting the cosign of the Leading Lady of low end, CloZee. Well it’s clear NotLö has no intentions of pausing her meteoric rise as she’s just released her second compilation of 2021, Speakeasy EP.

This project is stacked with stimulating subs, tectonic wubs, and even a delicious taste of dub. The tranquilizing minimal theme that permeates these five tracks will distort reality and manipulate the mind, and I love every second of it. The thick murky sound waves envelop your brain and transport you to subterranean dimension that is unlike anything you’ve ever imagined.

You heard it hear first, do not sleep on this talented new bass bringer. Something tells me we’ll be seeing a lot more of her this year. Stream NotLö’s Speakeasy EP below. Enjoy!

NotLö – Speakeasy EP