Oliver Tree Delivers An Immaculate 14-Track Debut Album With ‘Ugly Is Beautiful’

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Well it’s finally happened. After months of teasing (and some fake-outs), Oliver Tree’s highly-anticipated debut album has finally landed, and boy was it worth the wait. Ugly Is Beautiful is a whopping 14-tracks long, and is an immaculate showcase of Oliver’s talent.

Oliver effortlessly blurs the lines between genres here, cementing his own signature sound on this project. You might be able to call it alternative, rock, hip-hop, grunge, punk, dance, or whatever you want, but above all else, it’s 100% original Oliver Tree. This stuff sounds different than anything else out right now.

Tracks on this project date back to 2018, giving us a full sampler of everything the dude has to offer.

Stream this masterpiece of a debut album by Oliver Tree below. Enjoy!

Oliver Tree – Ugly Is Beautiful