Oliver Tree Unleashes Hard-Hitting New Song “Fuck” + Music Video


Oliver Tree is a straight wildcard. Everything about him seems like an intricate joke, except his music, which is fire. He somehow blends indie, hip-hop and electronic elements with ease and impresses us on everything he puts out. I had a chance to see him recently and he played a ton of unreleased material that was all amazing. Now today we get his new song and music video for “Fuck.”

This one goes hard. It’s the hardest I’ve heard from Oliver yet as he shows that not only does he have a good voice for catchy indie hybrids, but he has bars too. The video perfectly represents how hard the song goes. This follows up his hit song “Hurt” that also had an absurdly entertaining mockumentary showing behind-the-scenes of the music video. Enjoy!

Oliver Tree – Fuck