Tourist Announces Release Date for Second Album of 2019 + North America Tour


Tourist has worked his ass off in 2019. In February, he released his second album, Everyday, which was full of beautifully peaceful and melodic tracks like “Emily” (my favorite) and “Violet”. Then came “Elixir” and “Bunny,” one month apart and seemingly out of nowhere. Yet no matter how many tracks the Brit churned-out, the caliber of each one was still through the roof.

In July, Tourist announced that he would also (somehow) release his 3rd studio album, Wild, this year. After that, he dropped another single from the forthcoming project, “So.” Fast-forward to today and the Grammy winner tweeted that Wild is now available for pre-order and will be released on October 18th. He also shared the album art, along with the tracklist, which in addition to “So,” lists “Elixir” and “Bunny.” 


My third album, “Wild” is out on the 18th of October.

You can pre-order it now. x

— william (@Tourist) September 24, 2019


Shortly after the update, Tourist announced a North America tour with Dear Matthew this coming December. Again, I have no idea how he has done and continues to do so much this year, but I cannot wait to listen to Wild and see him on tour this December.  Enjoy!

Also, I’m touring North America with Matthew Dear this December.

— william (@Tourist) September 24, 2019