PETIT BISCUIT Drops Must Hear Dreamy Remix of Flume’s “Rushing Back”

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PETIT BISCUIT is so good at what he does. If you’re in the mood for feel-good, melodic electronic, he should be one of the first artists you dial-up. Ever since “Sunset Lover” hit it big (you can still hear it in pretty much any Instagram video of a sunset), people cannot get enough of his signature, dreamy sound. And if you haven’t heard his debut album, Presence, take a listen. You’ll find he’s anything but a one-hit wonder.

It is not often that we get a new remix from the young artist, but earlier this week, he tweeted that he would be releasing a rework of Flume’s recent hit, “Rushing Back” feat. Vera Blue

Today, we got this heavenly remix. As expected, “Rushing Back” (PETIT BISCUIT Remix) is a slowed-down, vibey take on the original. He keeps a lot of the same elements, maybe more than you’d expect, but applies his trademark vocal edits, and plays around with the arrangement a ton.

When tweeting the release, PETIT BISCUIT reminisced on the first time he met Flume in 2015 and said he was lucky to remix a track from the Australian superstar. I think we are also lucky to hear it. Enjoy!

Rushing Back (Flume ft. Vera Blue) [Petit Biscuit Remix]

I met @Flumemusic in Switzerland for one of my first-ever festival in 2015. This year, I got lucky enough to remix his new track ‘Rushing Back’ with @VeraBlueMusic. It’s out now on @futureclassic, and available everywhere.

— PETIT BISCUIT (@PetitBiscuit) October 23, 2019