Flume Releases Amazing, Anticipated New Track “Rushing Back” Ft. Vera Blue

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Flume is one of my absolute favorite artists and has been since the early days of What So Not. The sounds he incorporates and emotions that his music provokes are just something you don’t hear often. Whether it’s one of WSN’s earlier releases like “Touched,” or one of Flume’s latest releases like “Let You Know” or the Quits EP, anything with his fingerprints on it has a unique sound and a special way of connecting to people and their experiences. 

Besides releasing the aforementioned single and EP this summer, Flume played a select few shows in North America, including a headliner set at Lollapalooza and Red Rocks. He was pretty busy during both of these sets – planting flowers, smashing printers, and unveiling even more new music. One of the most impactful performances from these shows was of his upcoming track with Vera Blue, “Rushing Back.” He just teased us with a preview of the record two days ago, and now we already have the full release.

Each element of this track is so purposeful and complementary to the others, especially the vocals. Vera Blue’s high, fragile cries pair perfectly with the trademark fluttery synths, ticking sounds, and heavy bass. Blue has performed with Flume in the past, covering tracks like “Never Be Like You,” but I get the feeling there will be many more collaborations to come, as once Flume gets a hold of you, he doesn’t tend to let go. Enjoy!

Flume – Rushing Back (Ft. Vera Blue)