Listen To Flume & Reo Cragun’s New Joint ‘Quits’ EP

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Flume season is in full effect. He’s already released one project earlier this year with the wild, experimental Hi This Is Flume mixtape and shows no signs of slowing down. He followed it up with loose singles “Friends” featuring Reo Cragun and “Let You Know” featuring London Grammar. He didn’t just call it a day there though as he’s now unleashed his full collaborative Quits EP alongside Reo Cragun.

“Levitate” was premiered via Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1 in which the two artists joined Zane for an interview about the song, EP and forthcoming tour dates.

On the new live show: (Via Zane Lowe)

Reo: Yeah, definitely. Yeah. We’re going to be out there. It’s going to be super sick.

Flume: We’ve been rehearsing. We just got out of rehearsals actually. But yeah, Reo’s is going to be on pretty much all the dates and-It’s going to be fun. Honestly, I was really enjoying the time off, but now I’m really excited to get back out because we’ve just been doing rehearsals, and we’ve got this whole new show thing. It’s going to be cool. So I’m excited to show people that. I¬†guess I’m just trying to do something different. I’m trying to maybe not just be in the same place all the time, as a little dot on stage. Maybe I’ll move around. Get out the cool keytar guitar. Get out the old keytar and get them moving. Yeah, man. Maybe I’m whipping out the saxophone. I don’t know.

Check out the full interview below.

Over a year ago Reo told me that he and Flume had a ton of unreleased tracks together and I’ve been impatiently awaiting their collaborations ever since. Now we have two new tracks from the TSIS favorites and it’s just what I wanted to hear from them. Cragun is staying just as busy as Flume has with a recent Far From Famous EP and his “Runaway” collaboration with Ekali.

“Levitate” also comes with a strange lyric video below you should just see for yourself. Check out the full project below and enjoy!

Flume & Reo Cragun – Quits EP