pluko Surpasses Our Expectations With New Genre-Defying EP ‘BABY BLUE’

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It’s really starting to seem like pluko never takes a day off… Having dropped his sophomore album COLOR BLIND back in the spring, quickly following it up with a slew of singles, today the talented producer has continued his release streak with a new EP, BABY BLUE.

In true pluko fashion, this latest offering is impossible to pin to one specific genre / sonic landscape. Featuring a bountiful blend of playful synth work, eccentric sound design and masterful vocal x sample manipulation, from heavy-bass bangers like “redux” to the gritty, indie-rock inspired “the sound”, this entire EP is a trip, start to finish.

With a wealth of eerie, bass monstrosities dropping left, right and center during the spooky season, BABY BLUE is a fantastic call back to the sunny season of one of the weirdest years we’ll most-likely experience in our lifetimes. Stream pluko’s new project below and enjoy!

pluko – BABY BLUE EP