Porter Robinson Shares New Single “Everything Goes On”

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Porter Robinson has just delivered a brand new single, his first piece of new music since the rollout of Nurture. The track is called “Everything Goes On,” and it comes as a collaboration with one of the globe’s most popular video games, League Of Legends.

Porter, who is an avid player of the game himself, was enlisted by Riot Games to create a track that will be used as part of their Star Guardian event.

“Everything Goes On,” a rare one-off release for the producer, is another magical addition to Porter Robinson’s discography. The last time he released music that wasn’t part of a larger body of work was “Shelter” with Madeon back in 2016. You’d have to go back more than a decade to find his last one-off solo single (2012’s “I’m On Fire“).

You can stream the new Porter Robinson single for League of Legends below. Enjoy!

Porter Robinson – Everything Goes On