PREMIERE | Floret Loret Dives Straight Into the Deep End with ‘Submerged’


Fernando Loret de Mola, also known as Floret Loret, is a bass beatmaker we’ve been keeping a close eye on. His high-quality consistency and intentional, imaginative vision are what make him one of the best producers in the game right now, landing him on esteemed labels like Deadbeats, mau5trap, and Quality Goods Records. And his forthcoming In Maroon EP will definitely substantiate these claims. Inspired by various undertones of red, Fernando used “color association to help influence the creative process.” He divulges he even “changed the colors in my DAW to different shades of red, [and] the lights in my room as well.” As a special treat for our readers, Floret Loret is giving us an exclusive early listen of the first track from the project, “Submerged.”

“I wanted to start off this EP with a soft nice catchy melody. I kept building on it, making it the focal point of the entire tune and having it evolve over time. The soft but deep low basses helped filled in the rest of the tune and it wasn’t too overbearing. I was influenced by listening to a lot of Lorn, Burial and similar mellow styles of music. As the tune progresses it gets a bit more exciting and somewhat sporadic. I wanted to give the listener a sense where you’re floating in this red sea and the waves are starting to curl and break.”

Picturesque pitter-pattering melodies subtly start off the song, building into a muffled, glitchy bassline that gives the illusion of being underwater. A beastly horn-like synth takes over, guiding you through the track’s robust rhythms and leading into the second drop that brings us back to center with soothing soundscapes and intricate, nature-influenced sound design. “Submerged” proves to be an immaculate initiatory track to Floret Loret’s In Maroon EP, which will be out everywhere tomorrow, November 17.

Until then, float on with us and get the first listen of “Submerged” below. Enjoy!

Floret Loret – Submerged