PREMIERE | Freddy Todd Experiments with Old School Breaks on “Lapis Puddle”


Most bass music fans familiar with Freddy Todd‘s work know him as a funky, wobbly connoisseur. However, his upcoming album Nineteen Ninety asks us to throw those preconceptions out the door as he ushers in a completely new, experimental breakbeat sound. His latest track, “Lapis Puddle,” which we have the honor of premiering today, perfectly showcases this.

Citing influences like Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, and Luke Vibert, “Lapis Puddle” comes through with its synth-heavy sound. This track clocks in at a little over seven minutes, with the various synth structures slowly unspooling themselves throughout. Todd starts us out slow and slightly melancholy, before gradually building the track up. He then allows the melody to break through the steady, mechanical drum beat, like a bright ray of sunshine. Todd keeps us in this glow for the duration of the track.

If you’re digging this sound like we are, you can expect a lot more of it on his album. Todd says this album, titled after the year he was born in, pays homage to the artists who inspired him in his youth.

You can check out “Lapis Puddle” exclusively below. Nineteen Ninety will be out this Friday, January 7. Enjoy!

Freddy Todd – Lapus Puddle