PREMIERE | Gilligan Moss Makes Sonic Sunshine With New Single “Ferris Wheel” Ft. Rebecca & Fiona

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NYC based duo, Gilligan Moss, always seem to have a lock on the good vibes. Last we heard from the pair, they were lifting us up with the warm tune, “Ultraparadíso.” Today, we have the pleasure of partnering with Foreign Family Collective to premiere the duo’s effervescent new track, “Ferris Wheel,” featuring vocals by Swedish DJ duo, Rebecca & Fiona.

This latest wastes no time getting to the good stuff. We all know the power of bouncing bassline and 4×4 drum kit, but when Gilligan Moss adds some popping Moog fills to the mix, one can’t help but envision iridescent bubbles popping in the sun. Rebecca & Fiona’s subdued vocals float overtop of a graceful and distant angelic chorus casting a summertime spell that could warm even the coldest hearts. GM felt the hardships of this past summer just like everyone else, especially being from New York City. They wanted this track to pay homage to that lost time:

This song is an ode to a lost season; a ferris-wheel view of a summer that never quite materialized. Since our beaches and carnivals were closed this summer, this song is filled with the phantom smell of corn-dogs, funnel cakes and cotton candy. As we move into autumn, it can be a bit of a token of a season gone by.

I don’t know about you, but I feel light as a feather after listening to this song. No doubt we’ll have this one bumping all autumn long to hang on to any remnants of summer we can. Stream Gilligan Moss’s carefree new single, “Ferris Wheel,” featuring Rebecca & Fiona, below. Enjoy!

Gilligan Moss – Ferris Wheel (feat. Rebecca & Fiona)