PREMIERE | Haelium Rises Up With Enchanting New Garage Single, “Keep Going”

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French producer Haelium‘s unique and ethereal sound has caught and hooked us in deep. His latest, a fresh new track entitled “Keep Going,” is a brilliant blend of dark, deep bass and elegant synth work. We’re stoked to be inviting him back with another premiere, exclusively here at TSIS.

Much to our delight, Haelium has clearly been busy during lockdown, with the release of “Playgrounds” just one month prior to today’s premiere. “Keep Going” is a magical journey through a foreign land, laden with the guidance of a steady, dark bass and captivating, enchanting melodies. Mixing elements of garage and his own signature brand of dreamy electronica, Haelium illustrates a vivid soundscape for us to dive into. We’re going in head first.

Haelium’s freshman EP ‘Recovery’ is slated for release June 18, and after hearing “Keep Going” and “Playgrounds,” we’re itching to see what else is in store. Listen to “Keep Going” below and enjoy!

Haelium – Keep Going