PREMIERE | mayari. Gives Kerala’s “Escapism” a Dreamy Breakbeat Remix


Singer/songwriter artemis orion’s latest metamorphosis is into a producer who specializes in breaky electronica. This new form is officially called mayari. and she flexes her talents on her new remix of Kerala‘s track “Escapism.”

mayari. preserves the ethereal opening notes of the original, as well as the euphoric mood Kerala crafts. She definitely revs the engine of the track though, raising the BPM as well as the bass. She turns the halo of voices into a percussive instrument, which propels the song forward. The fluid drum and bass rhythm also adds a fun grittiness to the track.

“Escapism” is one of the first remixes mayari. has worked on. Her excitement and passion for the track are palpable. Here’s what she had to say about her version:

The original track had a sense of adventure as if you were walking through the forest, discovering a magical view, or perhaps on a mountain or plane admiring the world below you. It felt light, optimistic,  enlightening even. It had a sense of discovery to it. I wanted to keep those same colors, but add an additional sense of adventure—the thrill of adventure as if you were flying through that forest or jumping off that mountain or plane headfirst.

At the time of its creation, I was listening to some drum and bass. I’d never made a track like that, and I saw this as the perfect opportunity to do it since that style embodies a sense of action, adventure, and profoundness.

This mayari. track is the first remix off Kerala’s Escapism EP. The link below is the only place you can stream it before it comes out Friday. Enjoy!

Kerala – Escapism (mayari. Remix) | Presave