PVLMS Masterfully Deliver Smooth Lo-Fi Goodness With New EP, ‘All The Time’

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Back in October, we were first introduced to Los Angeles duo, PVLMS, for the premiere of their divine track, “Steps Of You.” We instantly fell in love with the song and the duo, so it brings us great pleasure to have them back on site for the release of their new EP, All The Time, out now via Justin Jay’s label, Fantastic Voyage.

Whether it’s your first time hearing the work of Lexi Sacco and Frank Stevens, or you’re listening as a regular fan, you’re in for such a treat. This up-an-coming duo has carved out an impossibly pleasant sound that finds itself somewhere in between house and ambient music. Expertly light cymbals patter alongside gentle kicks to propel each track forward, but the patient layering of synths in all shapes, sizes, and colors is what takes this EP from the pleasant to the transcendent. Each track washes over you to a new affect, all the while moving you forward.

It’s safe to say we’re big PVLMS fans at this point. Lexi and Frank have found a unique sound and crafted it into their own, and we love every beat. Whenever you’re in need of a peaceful energy infusion, look no further than this latest offering. Stream PVLMS’ new EP, All The Time, below. Enjoy!

PVLMS – All The Time EP