Red Rocks Amphitheatre Has Officially Returned to Full Capacity


For the first time since January of 2020, our beloved Colorado venue, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, will host a concert at full capacity. Shut down due to the pandemic, Red Rocks slowly eased restrictions over the course of the year, adhering to the guidelines set by the CDC and the State of Colorado. Today marks the first concert at the venue that will not have any social distancing or mask restrictions.

During fall of 2020, Red Rocks was allowed to throw concerts with a mind-boggling 175 attendees. In February of 2021, the venue asked the State permission to increase capacity to 2,500 (about 25%). In March, that request was approved. Just last month, as vaccinations were fully available to the public, Red Rocks was able to increase capacity to 6,300 people. Now, Red Rocks is back at 100% capacity.

Dubstep all-star Subtronics has the honor of performing at the first Red Rocks show at full capacity. The concert is sold out, so we’ll be able to once again see the amphitheater host 9,525 attendees—as it was intended.

Looking up from the bottom rows at the massive wall of music fans is always something to behold, and we couldn’t be more excited to experience Red Rocks as we’ve always known it.