REMNANT.exe Unleashes Heavy New Sci-Fi Banger “ULTRA”


REMNANT.exe is back with a new futuristic sonic journey for us. If this is your first intro to the sharply rising producer, he specializes in the new trappy subgenre, wave. Delivering releases on wave labels like, RL Grime’s Sable Valley, and now DEKTORA, REMNANE.exe has firmly established himself as one of the elite producers in the innovative new genre. Today he shares another massive single, “ULTRA.”

REMNANT.exe brings his signature sound on this one with bulky drums, scintillating synth lines, and a dreamy sci-fi soundscape. According to REMNANT, in a press release, he went full-on “cyberpunk neon cityscape vibes for this one,” something that is vividly illuminated upon listening.

You can stream “ULTRA” from REMNANT.exe below. Enjoy!