Rusko Drops Wonky Nostalgic Dubstep Track “Mr. Policeman”

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2018 has been a highly productive year for Rusko as we’ve seen him return to music full force, headlining shows all over the world and releasing new tracks that continue to propel his signature dubstep sound. He’s ending it with a bang as he follows up his most recent EP, Has Made 5 More Songs, with today’s release, “Mr. Policeman”.

“Mr. Policeman” immaculately captures Rusko’s sound and infuses it with a classic dub/reggae vibe. Pitched vocals and offbeat chords pave the way for bangin’, bass-heavy drops. Rusko breaks it down with bouncy wobbles and wonky, whistling synths. He glides the synths up and down while incorporating gritty sax samples and wraps it up with spacey piano and catchy mallet melodies. Rusko manages to end the year with a nostalgic dubstep track that sounds like it’s straight out of 2009. Listen to “Mr. Policeman” for yourself below and enjoy! 

Rusko – Mr. Policeman