Saka Lands A Lethal Acid-Trap Combo With ‘Split Punch / Wing Chun’

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We’ve been keeping tabs on LA-bass bringer, Saka ever since we heard his single, “Esper.” Then again, it’s impossible to miss the seismic sound waves that pulsate from his tracks. Today, the up-and-coming sound slinger is making a destructive declaration on the scene with release of his double single, Split Punch / Wing Chun, out now on Gud Vibrations.

This release is a brutal one two punch of epic proportions. When someone does trap music right, we take notice. This dude isn’t just demanding the spotlight, he’s got every light in the whole damn stadium centered on him as he drops whale-sized wubs and Earth shattering bass.

Ladies and gentlemen, Saka, has entered the building and he’s clearly ready to do some damage. Stream his new EP, Split Punch / Wing Chun, below. Enjoy!

Saka – Split Punch / Wing Chun