Shae District Take Their Music to Vibrant New Heights On ‘Lose Myself’ EP


Fans of Jai Wolf will want to check out Shae District, a Denver based dance duo, who made their musical debut as support on his 2017 Kindred Spirits tour.

Lose Myself, their highly anticipated EP released through their own label Black Swan International, features two excellent brand new tracks, in addition to lead singles “Lose Myself,” and “We Belong.”

This EP insists to be listened to from start to finish. “Do You Remember,” featuring vocalist Mellavora, kicks things off and sets the tone with a warm, vibrant glow. This track combines modern, rippling synth with floating 80s style drumbeats, eventually giving way to the more up-tempo but equally euphoric “Lose Yourself”.

“Meld” acts a sonic bridge before the end of the EP. Shae District slows down the pace with this cinematic track, flexing their sound design talents and ability to layer and blend shimmering effects and keys.

Closing out the EP is the cheery, feel good “We Belong,” which definitely leaves us craving more Shae District immediately. Having already supported Big Gigantic, Shallou, and Manila Killa on tour, we hope to see these two on the road ASAP.

You can check out “Lose Myself” using the link below, enjoy!

Shae District – Lose Myself EP