Skream Just Cryptically Announced Plans For A Full Dubstep Performance


Skream took all of us by surprise back in September when it came to light he was dabbling in dubstep yet again after publicly denouncing the genre years ago. But while his heavy ID from the fall has yet to see the light of day, the dubstep icon has just announced plans to bring some old-school wobbly goodness back to his setlist!

Veteran bassheads fans are in for a treat with this latest news. With Skream having parted ways with the wubs over five years ago, today the now house-superstar took to Twitter to announce he’s just confirmed what seems to be performance plans for an “old school dubstep set”. While this latest announcement may not see Skream fully returning to dubstep, we couldn’t be more excited to hear that he’ll will be making a return to the genre, even if only temporarily. Check out the announcement below and enjoy!

I’ve confirmed a one off old school dubstep set btw. Watch this space 👀

— Oliver Jones (@I_Skream) March 7, 2019