Skrillex Shares 2 New Songs with Yung Lean

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Skrillex can now officially add Yung Lean to his seemingly endless list of collaborators. Today, Yung Lean released his new mixtape, Stardust, which features two songs with Skrillex, “Lips,” and “SummerTime Blood,” which also features Bladee and Ecco2k.

These tunes are definitely a step outside the box, even for Skrillex. As a pioneer of cloud rap, Yung Lean has one of the most interesting (and perhaps off-putting) deliveries we’ve heard from anyone. He pushes the boundaries on both tracks. “Lips” features a future garage-style beat from Skrillex, which was previewed earlier this week. “SummerTime Blood” is a bit more of an upbeat tune with some gorgeous synth work and whimsical vocals.

We’re still on the lookout for a body of work from Skrillex, of which he’s stated there are multiple.

You can stream the two new songs below. Enjoy!

Yung Lean, Skrillex – Lips

Yung Lean, Skrillex, Bladee, Ecco2k – SummerTime Blood