Suray Sertin Drops Festival-Inspired Dance Track “People” on Zeds Dead’s New Label

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Talk about a full circle moment: just last year, Montreal producer Suray Sertin put out a remix of Zeds Dead, and now he’s on their new label, Altered States. His new single “People” is definitely his most dance-forward and darkest release yet.

Sertin sets up “People” with wide, arching waves of bass. Over this he adds staccato pulses of synth that act like a clock counting down to the drop, building our anticipation. These synth pulses also dominate the drop. These, combined with the deep bass and lush electronic textures, allow him to create a dark, seductive vibe.

Here’s what he had to say about the song:

The part of producing this record that was the most fun for me was definitely adding those unexpected bits and pieces that just catches your attention throughout the track. This time, I really wanted to go towards a more dance oriented track. Playing all those DJ sets during the summer really made me feel inspired to release a dance music record.

You can listen to “People” below. Enjoy!

Suray Sertin – People