Tash Sultana Drops Wavy New Jam “Pretty Lady” & Announces New Album

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Tash is back! One of our all time favorite Australian musicians, Tash Sultana, has just released a new track titled, “Pretty Lady,” with the help of fellow Aussies Matt Corby and Dan Hume. Having revealed in a recent interview that she first wrote the song in 2014, Tash tapped Corby and Hume for the finishing touches on this captivating cut, marking the first collaboration of her career at the time.

“I wanted to write something that was easy for people to capture the melody and remember it, and sing it. Especially for a lot of my fans who don’t speak English – might be their second or third language – they find some of the lyrics in my songs a little bit hard to understand… It’s an easy song, I would hope that a lot of people learn this song and cover it because that would be cool.”

Like Tash said, this newest song’s beauty is in its simplicity. A chill burner; the slick plucking guitar line, an easy driving drum kit, and her classic captivating vocals are all that’s needed to breath life into this proper jam. The tasteful guitar fills and strings chorus, however, elevate it to an instant hit. 

If this cool new cut isn’t enough to get you drooling, how about the announcement of new album coming later this year? That’s right, Tash also confirmed the arrival of the follow-up to her award winning debut album, Flow State, commenting,

“This album is quite different, there’s a few songs on there that are a little bit more like a four-chord jam, like that ‘Jungle’-esque thing but the other stuff that I’ll be releasing is really different. Kind of orchestral, and some of it we’re going to need a choir to do because there’s so many vocals in it.”

We’re stoked to see one of the world’s most forward thinking and talented artists back in action, and in a big way at that. We’ll be scouring the internet for any updates on these exciting developments but until then, we’ll be absolutely rinsing “Pretty Lady” all summer long. Stream below, and enjoy!

Tash Sultana – Pretty Lady