Teflon Sega Drops Catchy New R&B Song “On My Way Up” Off Mixtape

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This is one of his best ones yet. Teflon Sega is incredibly consistent with everything he touches. He’s been rolling out a project called Maya’s Revenge that’s a 10-track project sampling his favorite anime theme songs with a new song coming every week. Now we’re eight weeks deep and the anime artist has blessed us a new one called “On My Way Up” that features the theme song of anime show Angel Beats.

This one is highlighted by an infectious melody on the R&B sung hook while he kills the flows on the verses. This follows up other songs off Maya’s Revenge including “Im Innersten,” “Cruel Love,” “Juvenile A” “Roses“, “Devil’s Proof“, and “Pink Pearl” and “Dysphoria.”

Teflon Sega – On My Way Up