The Blaze Bring Heaven To The Dance Floor With Sophomore Album, ‘JUNGLE’

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You know the old saying, “We always want what we can’t have.” Well at TSIS, we’ve been ravenous for more music from French production duo, The Blaze. Their 2018 debut album, DANCEHALL, made us instant fans, and near-torturous bouts of radio silence have punctuated the years following. The scarcity of their releases means when they release it is of the utmost purpose and quality, clearly exemplified in their new sophomore album, JUNGLE.

The Blaze previously announced this latest project would aim more clearly for the dance floor, and in true Blaze fashion, they’ve taken to the dance floor like few others. Ten tracks explore energetic peaks and valleys all while cast in an overarching spell of euphoria. Even the most zealous track of the collection, “SIREN,” finds equilibrium with the ambiance of its follow-up, “BLOOM.” These two tracks are merely a peak at the massive picture painted by one of dance music’s most forward-thinking pairs.

DANCEHALL has proven to be a timeless project still as fresh today as it was five years ago. We have a good feeling JUNGLE just might follow suit. But don’t take our word for it, stream The Blaze’s sophomore album below and find out for yourself. Enjoy!

The Blaze – JUNGLE