Thys of Noisia & Amon Tobin Create Expansive & Profound Sonic Journey In New ‘Ithaca’ EP


From two producing legends comes a dark and immersive audio experience, inviting listeners on an odyssey away from their typical and comfortable musical experience.

Since breaking from Noisia, Thys has notched quite a few releases, and has been eyeing work in the areas of film and soundtracking. You can find out more on what Thys has been up to since the Noisia split in an interview he did with us here. His collaborator is a prolific and multi-faceted producer Amon Tobin, who has released two albums this year, one under his Two Fingers alias and the other under his new Figueroa alias.

These two collaborated recently on an EP entitled Ghostcards and more recently on a single entitled “Charlatan,” so it’s safe to say the two are clicking on a musical level. Eight years in the making, Ithaca was written at Amon‘s studio in LA and finished and mastered at Thijs’ studio in the Netherlands. The project strikes deep, cinematic chords and takes listeners on an atmospheric journey through sound and space. If you’re ready to be immersed into a dark and intense soundscape, put on your best headphones or speakers and flick the lights off for the optimal experience.

Our journey begins with the eerie strings and sirens of “Departure,” which intensify on the following track “Somewhere Else.” Finely crafted ambience leads us further down this rabbit hole, as organic sounds and sprawling vocal textures begin to take shape. In “Badlands” the project begins to turn, with disruptive synths breaking through the ambient noise and dawn some urgency. On the mercurial “Turning Point,” the sounds slow and open to the heavens with ethereal vocals and uplifting synths, punctuated by plunging and distorted stabs, offering a time for reflection. Finally, “Ithaca” wraps the EP pensively with its finely tuned ensemble of sounds that ebb and flow, releasing listeners with a melodic cliffhanger. 

Ithaca is the product of two legendary producers carefully writing, finely tuning, and delicately mixing each and every sound. Have a listen to this remarkable EP in the stream below. Enjoy!

Thys, Amon Tobin – Ithaca EP