Toro y Moi Finds ‘Outer Peace’ On Colorful, Uplifting New Album

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Toro y Moi is an artist that consistently reinvents himself, exploring his sound in new ways with each project. Dubbed a “chillwave crusader” for his signature, hazy sound, Toro y Moi has successfully mixed rock, indie, R&B, and now electronic dance into his production while channeling a consistent vibe. Chaz Bundick’s last project under the moniker Toro y Moi was the 2017 LP Boo Boo, a full length offering that went back to his indie dance roots. Now he’s pushed his production to the next level with the cleverly titled Outer Peace LP, which is available to stream a week early via NPR. Update – stream on Spotify below

Chaz fully embraces his vocal talent on ‘Outer Peace’, either in the funky R&B style found on “Laws of the Universe” or in the autotune’d up pop vocal style that dominates “50-50” feat. Instupendo. On the production front, this is a whole new side of Chaz. “Fading” starts off the project with a vibrant dance music vibe that returns in tracks like “Who Am I”. There’s also a heavy, bass-laden melodic vibe that bleeds through in tracks like “Miss Me” (feat. Abra) and “Baby Drive It Down”. All around, this is another fantastic project from Toro y Moi that we’ll definitely have on repeat. Enjoy!

Toro y Moi – Outer Peace