Tourist Takes Us On A Journey With Emotive New Album ‘Wild’

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Tourist just released his third studio album Wild and it’s some of his best work yet. Wild is his second album out this year, following Everyday, a beautifully dreamy collection of tracks that quickly became one of our favorites from the UK-based producer. Tourist gave listeners a sampling of the project’s colorful sound with the lead singles Elixir, Bunny, So and Kin, and the full project expands on those themes with six more stunning tracks.

In a recent interview Tourist described the project as a “being in love dance album”, perfectly capturing the energetic, positive feeling that these tracks radiate. From the cinematic intro “And So, You Were!” to the psychedelic closer “Together At The Centre Of Creation”, the album exudes positivity balanced by moments of melancholy intensity. Most impressive is Tourist’s ability to smoothly transition immersive ambient soundscapes into danceable beats and back again. Enjoy!

Tourist – Wild