Two Feet Continues To Push The Envelope With Impressive New Single “BBY”

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Two Feet is one of those artists that has such a unique, trademark sound, you could recognize it anywhere. He combines so many different elements into the perfect package: sultry vocals, big-time bass and bluesy-rock guitar. The product is a soulful, raw mix of genres, which we get all of in his new single, “BBY”.

After bursting onto the scene in 2016, TF has definitely kept us satiated with a new EP each year. Yet he’s mostly been quiet in 2019 till dropping two new singles a few months back. These releases, followed by another single one month later called “You” have now culminated in this impressive new offering.

Each of TF’s recent singles share the same album art in different colors – which joins them together but is also reflective of their very different vibes. “Intro” is cryptic, “Pink” features more production with a melodic and chilled-out feel, “You” boasts rockin’ guitar, and “BBY” seems to mash the latter two into one. More uptempo than we are used to, the track has rippling bass, overlaid with echoing guitar riffs and smooth vocals. I’m really hoping this isn’t the last of these releases and we keep getting more from Two Feet in 2019. Enjoy!

Two Feet – BBY