Vince Staples Says Mac Miller Refused Any Royalties From Their Collabs

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While doing some media rounds supporting his new eponymous album, Vince Staples was asked about his relationship with Mac Miller. Vince revealed that Mac refused any royalties for his work on Stolen Youth, Vince’s 2013 mixtape which was also a collaborative effort with Larry Fisherman (aka Mac’s producer alias).

Vince then continues in the interview with REVOLT:

He gave me ownership, he just said if you make a gang of money just give me like a S-Class and then took me on the road and paid for my room and board and still paid me. So yeah that was the homie.

Vince goes on to detail how they originally came together. Vince introduced himself to Mac, who didn’t know he was at the time. Mac had asked him why he wasn’t making any music and Vince replied that he didn’t have any beats. Mac then invited him over to his studio and they began to work on Stolen Youth.

Shortly after Mac’s passing, Vince tweeted “there is no Vince Staples music without Mac Miller.” According to Vince, he still stays in touch with Mac Miller’s parents.

You can watch the full interview below. We timestamped the clip where he speaks about Mac Miller. Enjoy!