Watch Peggy Gou Perform Alongside a Foggy River in Seoul

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Peggy Gou recently delivered a DJ set while situated on the banks of the Han River in Seoul, South Korea. The performance was uploaded by the Korean YouTube channel (and full-service entertainment company) Above Ordinary, which has a running series titled AOMIX.

Peggy does what she does best during this set, dishing out underground, acid-laced techno tunes with flawless precision. Cool as can be, the superstar DJ barely cracks a smile during the set, fully focused on the music. Addressing your stoic look in an Instagram post, she mentions: “sorry if I don’t look happy 😂 it was cold and I prefer to DJ with crowds not on my own haha.”

The setting of this set is fantastic, too. A chilly fog paints a monotone background for Peggy Gou, and as the sun sets, it lifts, revealing an illuminated city behind her. The combination of great music and a gorgeous setting makes it the perfect video to throw on during a party.

You can check out the full hour-long performance below. Enjoy!