Wave Racer Encapsulates Euphoria on “What Are We Waiting For”


Fresh off of a triumphant festival set for Porter Robinson’s Secret Sky Virtual Festival, Wave Racer released an epic new track “What Are We Waiting For.”

The former Future Classic roster member takes his name from a Nintendo 64 game. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how this influenced his new song, which sees him lean heavily into a Japanese anime inspired sound.

Clocking in at just over two minutes, this track is short but sweet. Taking pretty much the duration of the song to build to an exciting drop, it starts off slow. Wave Racer sprinkles in plenty of future bass style glitches and optimistic synth glimmers. Tropical synth effects and a snappy drum pattern weave together to create a hopeful and jubilant atmosphere. Heavily distorted guitar kicks in at the end, elevating us to euphoric new heights.

We’re eager to see where Wave Racer goes next on his come back journey after a long hiatus. You can check out this track using the link below, enjoy!

Wave Racer – What Are We Waiting For