ZEKE BEATS Joins WAKAAN With Latest Mind-Bending EP, ‘Vigil’

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ZEKE BEATS isn’t holding anything back this year. Just a few months ago, he smacked us in the face with his energetic Digital Death EP and now he’s ready to do some more damage. This time, he’s making his WAKAAN debut with the release of his newest EP, Vigil.

It seems that every time ZEKE BEATS puts music out he somehow manages to push the envelope even more. Demanding attention with his fine-tuned production featuring glitch ridden 8-bit basslines, sporadic sampling, and his infamous scratching, Vigil is another step forward for the pioneering producer. ZEKE BEATS clearly makes his own rules and adheres to no one else’s agenda as he explores the deeper corners of raw, unadulterated bass music over the course of these 4 mind-bending tracks.

Stream the EP below and enjoy!