9 Things You’ll Find In SOFI TUKKER’s Studio

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We’re thrilled to be continuing our new 9 Things You’ll Find In The Studio this week with none other than one of our new favorite duos, SOFI TUKKER. We’ve had the pleasure of linking up with them already for The Remedy this summer, and now we get a little tour of their studio and what they use to create their music. Just this past weekend, the duo dropped a new remix of Trevor Hall’s “more than love.”

Below is the list of Soph and Tuck’s studio items. They’ve included a handful pieces of essential hardware they use to produce, as well as some important things that help keep them inspired and creative.

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1. Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 + 2. Pioneer DJM-V10

We have now used these 256 days in a row. We have been DJing every day since the pandemic started. They’re basically an extension of our arms. We’ve used them to test out songs we’re working on and we also use the DJS 1000 to sample recordings that our community submits from all over the world that we play throughout our sets.

Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2

$1999 at Guitar Center


$3199 at AMAZON $2199 at Guitar Center


3. Ensemble Apogee Thunderbolt Audio Interface

This is our favorite audio interface we’ve ever had because it has so many inputs and outputs. We’ve been able to hook up every external instrument on its own channel so we can really jam and record things all at once.

$2495 at Guitar Center


4. Roland TR-8S

Tuck’s absolute favorite drum machine ever. We love programming different drum sounds and patterns with it — it gets a much better feel than placing samples. We use it Allllll. The. Time.

$699 at Guitar Center


5. Flying V Guitar

This is Soph’s signature guitar. She loves playing this guitar live because it’s so light-weight and she can dance and jump around like crazy while playing. And she started doing specific dance moves with its unique shape :P. We record a lot with it too. 

$1699 at Guitar Center


6. Matching IKEA Swivel Chairs

Tuck is 6’7” so we need adjustable chairs to fit him. We sit in these chairs most of our days and they’re v comfy. They’re from Ikea and they go perfectly with our matching adjustable desks.

$259 at IKEA


7. Stop Light

We put the light to either green, orange, or red depending on the song we’re working on—although it’s usually multicolor! We got this at a vintage store in LA a couple years ago and it has always lived in our studios.

8. Records

The records keep us motivated to fill up the wall with more of them :p. On our wall is our first gold record we got from Italy and Australia for Drinkee, a couple Platinum and gold records for Best Friend, and a gold record for Purple Hat in Canada. It really is crazy to us that we have gotten any of these and each one is very special to us.

9. Batshit Platform Shoes

We keep these in the studio mainly because they’re not comfortable enough to wear. But they’re truly a piece of art. They were made with love for the Batshit video, in which Tuck wears them running through the desert.