Fyre Festival Organizer Billy McFarland Is Writing A Book About His Experiences

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Although surely one of the biggest festival fiasco’s in history, Fyre Festival has become a sort of legend over the past few years. With the story of the iconic failure having been told now via comprehensive documentaries from both Netflix and Hulu, it seems we’ll be receiving yet another account of the fraudulent fest’s history, this time in the form of a book from the festival’s own infamous organizer, Billy McFarland.

McFarland seems to be keeping busy since the start of his six-years prison sentence on multiple counts of fraud. Having teamed up with freelance editor Josh Raab (who’s worked with Al Gore, Garth Brooks and a myriad of other celebrities), it seems the once festival organizer has now turned author in light of his recent lawsuit. While there’s still little known about the impending project, as reported by NYMag – the book, working title “Promythus: The God of Fyre”, was set to be self-published on Amazon this April, but has yet to be released.

As Fyre festival has continued to live on following its disastrous events, prompting Ja Rule to share his desire to plan yet another “iconic” festival and Seth Rogen & The Lonely Island to team up on a new Fyre Festival film, we’ll definitely be excited to hear McFarland’s recount of the whole thing. Read more about the book via the NYMag report here and enjoy!