Boys Noize Teases New Dog Blood Music with Skrillex

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If you’ve been following, we know that Skrillex is sitting on a ton of music right now. The superstar DJ/producer has shared an array of star-studded collabs, teased multiple albums, and now we’re getting news that he even has new Dog Blood music with Boys Noize.

In a Reddit AMA that took place on Tuesday in support of his brilliant new album¬†+/-, one fan asked if the Dog Blood remix of his 2016 track “Midnight” was ever going to come out. Boys Noize responded, saying it was unlikely, but went on to mention that he and Skrillex have “some new shit.”

The last official Dog Blood release was their 2019 EP,¬†Turn Off The Lights. Skrillex and Boys Noize also released the acclaimed single “Midnight Hour” with Ty Dolla $ign later that year, however that wasn’t listed as an official Dog Blood collaboration.

Now that we know that new Dog Blood music could be on the way, we’ll be anxiously awaiting its arrival.