Emmit Fenn Releases Must-Hear, Emotive Debut Album, ‘Far From Here’

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Berkley, California singer, songwriter, and producer, Emmit Fenn, is no stranger to exploring cinematic soundscapes, writing vulnerable lyrics, and pouring his emotions into his music. He has quite the collaboration track record by working with the likes of Billie Eilish on her single “Bithes Broken Hearts,” Shallou on their project “All Your Days,” Vic Mensa on “Pouring Rain,” and his song “Modern Flame” with Yuna. All this aside, he’s truly mastered his ability to write and produce music that is authentic and thoughtful. This is displayed in full form on his debut album Far From Here which gives us an intimate look into the mind of the young producer as he explores ideas like love, loss, relationships, and family.

Fenn is far more than your standard beat smith on this inaugural showing. Featuring a lush line up of live instrumentation entwined with a strong electronic pulse and emotive song writing, these 10 tracks deliver 38 minutes of impassioned energy that ebbs and flows within each track and throughout the project as a whole. Lighter tracks like “Edges Of The Dark,” “Colors,” and “Light That Shines Through” tackle the idea of love and loss in a beautiful way that’s impossible not to connect with. The more melancholic “Far From Here” and “Closer To You” deal with the pain of loss and the healing process thereafter. The closing track, “Moving On,” is a dreamy cinematic ballad that addressees the pains of love and allowing yourself to move on no matter the outcome. Far From Here is a beautiful musical journey and even more a beautiful display of vulnerability and artistry.  Emmit Fenn remarkably pours his soul into each song making you feel every note and lyric.

Tracking Emmit’s growth as an artist has been such a treat for us. This album is by far the most mature sound we’ve yet to hear and hope you fall in love with it as much as we have. Stream Emmit Fenn’s Debut Album, Far From Here, below. Enjoy!

Emmit Fenn – Far From Here