FKJ Links With Rising Artist Col3trane On Must Hear, Bouncing R&B Song

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It is no secret that TSIS praises FKJ as one of the most naturally talented acts out there. I mean, how could you not after watching the video of him playing a 1.5 hour set using guitars, saxophones, keys, midis and his vocals, in the middle of a Bolivian Salt Flat… how is that even a real sentence?

After remaing relatively quiet following the release of his debut album in 2017, FKJ has become quite acitve recently, releasing singles “Is Magic Gone” and “Leave My Home”. Today, he returns with a collaborative single alongside Col3trane (who recently worked with Goldlink on some straight fire) titled “Perfect Timing”. The track is a bit experimental; a unique sound from the Frenchie that we are eager to support.

Call me crazy, but it kinda sounds like one of Drake’s dancier tracks… and I mean that with the upmost respect. Revolving around a buoyant lead and nimble percussion, the production provides a powerful foundation for Col3trane’s fittingly smooth vocal accompaniment. “Perfect Timing” is an exciting release for FKJ; One that adds to his expansive repertoire. Enjoy!

FKJ & Col3trane – Perfect Timing