FKJ Makes His Return With Relaxing New Song “Is Magic Gone”


Wowwww. FKJ. The dude has returned in a big way with a new single titled “Is Magic Gone”. The French multi-instrumentalist, producer and vocalist has been a longtime TSIS favorite. He has dazzled with studio sessions alongside the likes of Masego, Tom Misch and June Marieezy, and mesmerized with live performances in picturesque locations such as an aquarium and the Paris Modern Art Museum.

It has been a minute since we have received an offering from FKJ. He released his debut album in March of 2017, and since has dropped a one-off track. So, our camp is optimistic that “Is Magic Gone” may be the beginning of another full-length FKJ project. This past march, a twitter fan asked FKJ “When’s the next album”, and received the response “im on a retreat somewhere in the jungle making it rn”. Well, we know that FKJ is back from the jungle because he was playing shows in European cities throughout October. Did he bring back an album? We will see…

The single itself is everything that an FKJ fan would want from a new release; Meditative vocals, remarkable piano work, irresistible basslines, funky guitar noodling and a spice of electronic production. The sound design and composition within “Is Magic Gone” is so tight and refined, it really gets us excited to hear what else FKJ has been cooking up in the jungle. But, until then, this new tune should do the trick. Enjoy!

FKJ – Is Magic Gone


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