Gramatik Releases Four New Instrumental Revamps Via ‘Re:Coil Deluxe’

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Gramatik has proven himself time and time again to be one of electric music’s most talented artists.  Over the years, the Brooklyn based artist has built up a massively eclectic musical repertoire that includes his legendary EPs, Re:Coil Part I and Re:Coil Part II.  Today, the Slovenian sound master has released an awesome 2-for-1 deal with Re:Coil Deluxe, combining the two EPs into one collection, along with the addition of four new instrumental revamps of some Re:Coil’s biggest hits.

The revamped tracks include the winding, twisting, international banger, “Aymo,” the cool, wavy, funk jam, “Recovery,” the powerful, heel stomping rocker, “Don’t Give Up,” and the otherworldly demonstration of sheer production talent, “Requiem For Piece.”  While these four tracks were all fantastic at the time of their initial release, these instrumental revamps are an amazing addition that really allow listeners to hear the intricacies of Gramatik’s production.  

The joining of these two albums along with the instrumental revamps makes for a very solid listening experience from start to stop.  Re:Coil Deluxe is a phenomenal showcase of Gramatik’s diverse musical talent across the music spectrum, and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do. Enjoy!

Gramatik – Re:Coil Deluxe