Tash Sultana Shares A Luscious New Groove With “Willow Tree”

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Any day there’s new Tash Sultana music is a great day in my book. The musical polymath has made the most of this strange year by laying groundwork for what continually looks to be potentially their best album to date. To this point, we’ve received 3 eclectic singles in the endlessly catchy jam “Pretty Lady,” the soul-funk laden “Greed,” and the hypnotic “Beyond The Pine.” Today, the Australian stand-out takes another step towards the release of Terra Firma with an immaculate new jam titled “Willow Tree,” featuring up-and-coming vocalist Jerome Farah.

A robust horn section opens the curtain for this new tune, paving the way for the dreamy guitar that we know and love. Tash then lets loose their signature harmonized vocals, singing lines reminding us all to be grateful for what we have in life. Tash explains in an interview:

“It’s about when you see people achieving things that you were really, really trying to achieve, but you just can’t seem to get there. Those other people you watch climbing the pyramid seem to nail life every time. It’s about appreciating that to get to wherever you think is the top, requires a really strong foundation to build upon. It’s a huge reminder to be appreciative of what you do have and about being present and grateful for what you’ve already got.”

As we work into Jerome Farah velvety vocal line, the horns, keys, and guitar flow seamlessly yet independently, creating an ornate and addictive backing band. Farah mentioned his admiration of Tash’s composition in an instagram post saying:

“You guys really don’t understand how talented this human is. Literally played every instrument on this track while I sat back in awe.”

Not only did Tash release a new single today, they also revealed the release date for their third album. Mark your calendars folks, Terra Firma arrives on February 19, 2021. Stream Tash Sultana’s exquisite new single, “Willow Tree,” below. Enjoy!

Tash Sultan – Willow Tree (feat. Jerome Farah)