Teflon Sega Drops “Entertainment” To Complete New Anime Themed ‘Maya’s Revenge’ Mixtape

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After 10 weeks of cranking out a new song every week, Teflon Sega‘s full mixtape Maya’s Revenge is here. The final song “Entertainment” was just delivered as Teflon actually took the production duties into his own hands, producing and singing on the track himself.

This project is a different from most. Teflon actually takes samples from anime theme songs on each track, flipping them into hip-hop beats and making full songs out of them using his one-of-a-kind falsetto. “Entertainment follows up previously released songs like ” On My Way Up,” “Im Innersten,” “Cruel Love,” “Juvenile A” “Roses“, “Devil’s Proof“, and “Pink Pearl” and “Dysphoria.”

Teflon Sega – Maya’s Revenge