TNGHT’s Cryptic New Post May Mean A Comeback Is Coming

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TNGHT are doing it again… They’ve been teasing a reunion for years. Since their shocking split in 2013, fans have been asking for more from the legendary trap duo. Back in 2015 they teased a reunion, then again in 2017 it was revealed they were working on new music followed by a cryptic video teasing a new project.

It’s been as recent as December that they sparked more buzz around a comeback after they posted a new pic on Twitter hinting at their return. Now, once again they are teasing their long-awaited return with a new picture of Hulk Hogan and Mr. T. At this point it feels like they are just playing with fans considering we’ve been fooled so many times before but something about it makes me optimistic we may actually get new music from TNGHT someday. Enjoy!

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